How to join

Membership booking for Olympus 2012 is now closed, as we have reached maximum capacity. We're sorry if you wanted to join and haven't been able to, but we hope you will understand why - for both the convention's and the fans' sake - we have had to take this decision.

Please note that memberships will not be available on the door, so please do not travel to the convention without a membership, as you will not be able to join.

Checking your membership details

Once you've booked, you'll receive an e-mail from the Olympus membership system, confirming the details your booking. You can also request another copy of this email if you've lost the first one.

Membership rates

Although bookings are now closed, the rates are here for reference, in case you need them.

Membership type Rate
Attending* £65.00
Unwaged* £55.00
Supporting £20.00
Junior (12-17) £20.00
Child (5-11) £5.00
Infant £1.00
Apocryphal, Soft toy £1.00
Beeblebear £1.42

* A £5 discount off 'attending' and 'unwaged' weekend memberships is available to members of the BSFA.

Day memberships were available as follows:

Membership type Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Attending £20.00 £30.00 £30.00 £20.00
Unwaged £20.00 £25.00 £25.00 £20.00
Child £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

Membership types

We offer several different kinds of membership.

Other membership issues

What's this email I've received?

When your details are entered into the Olympus membership system, you are automatically sent a confirmation email message listing your booking details. You'll also receive one if your booking changes.

I don't have an email address

If you don't have an email address - or if you haven't provided us with one when you first booked - then obviously, we can't send you any confirmation emails. Without that, we're afraid that you can't make any changes to your booking online. If you have any questions or need to make any changes, then please contact our Membership Services, and we'll do our best to help.