The Olympus Committee

Chair: Rita Medany
Rita decided she wanted to run an Eastercon after the absorbing experience of being involved in Orbital. She is confident that she has the appropriate level of controlled insanity required for the job of Chair for Olympus 2012, having been an enthusiastic SF fan for many years, a spreadsheet junkie for rather more and generally obsessive all her life.

Finance and Hotel Liaison: Melanie Davis
Mel got into fandom writing Vogon haikus for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fanzine. She became a convention regular after a random meeting in a London pub for Blake's 7 enthusiasts, and it all went spacewards from there. Mel was Treasurer for Odyssey 2010 and likes spreadsheets nearly as much as Rita. Her hobbies include being held upside down and shaken until the change falls out.

Ops: Kat Takenaka
Kat Takenaka is active in an number of different fandoms and organizations, and has attended and worked at a variety of conventions ranging from anime to comics, Victorian literature, folklore and slash. In her spare time she enjoys zen meditation, sailing and the occasional cigar.

Programme: Steve Rogerson
Steve Rogerson was one of the founders of the Redemption series of multi-media conventions that have been running every other year since 1999. He started as head of publicity but for the last five has been head of programme. He was on the programme team at Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow, and was in charge of programme for Orbital, the 2008 Eastercon.

Publications: Eddie Cochrane
As well as being a founding committee member and head of Ops for all the Redemption conventions, Eddie has been working on Eastercons in one capacity or another since, oh, ages ago. He was on the committee for Helicon 1 in 1993 and Orbital in 2008, at which he was gobsmacked to win the Doc Weir Award. He can generally be found slaving over a laminating machine or laptop in a back room of the con, or of course, in the bar.

Publicity: John Medany
John's introduction to fandom came via RPG and gaming cons at very cold holiday camps in the early 80's, then graduated to media cons in, um, very cold holiday camps in the late 80's and early 90's before discovering Confabulation (via the final UFP trek con in the same hotel a few weeks earlier) in 1995 and attended his first world con in the same year and he discovered his skill of sitting in the bar drinking into the small hours. Since then he has been an Eastercon regular and found himself as 'Man Who Gets Furniture' and 'Man who keeps the bar open' at Orbital and then suddenly elevated to 'Husband of Chair'/general dogsbody at Odyssey. He finally decided to bite the bullet and join the committee of Olympus this year just to be able to give himself the same crappy jobs rather than have them dumped on him.

Programme Staff

Programme deputy:Liz Batty
Lit fam stream:Doug Bell and Christina Lake
Science stream:Dave Clements
Art Show:Robbie Bourget and John Harold
Games Room:Henry Proctor
Green Room:Sue Edwards
Guest liaison:Philippa Watts
Dealers Room: Richard Proctor


Finance assistants:Stewart Jenkins and Peter De Weerdt
Gopher Mum and Dad:Joss Konrad-Lee and Tommy Wareing
Press Liaison:Serena Wilson and John Wilson
Tech:Lindsey Proctor
Tech (AV):Keith Smith
Web site:Paul Taylor