Top Tips for Enhancing Your SEO Strategy

Here are the best ways to enhance your SEO strategy in 2017. Thereby dominating your competition in the online sector.

Search engine optimisation has become a very popular internet marketing strategy, which has been used since the launch of the first website in 1990. SEO is constantly changing as search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo actively update their algorithms to better user experience. This has however made our job as local SEO Experts a lot harder, as we are having to keep up with constant updates.

Below are some of the things that you should focus on right now as you are optimising websites to make the search engine friendly. But firstly, there are many arguments whether search engine optimisation actually still exists. I can tell you with 100% certainty that yes it does. A lot has changed and almost none of the techniques used in the past work anymore, however, search marketing is definitely still around. This includes working on local SEO in Hertfordshire and other places, as well as international terms like ‘SEO Agency’.

SEO Tips 2017
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Keywords

Choosing a relevant keyword with high search volumes is the most important part of starting a successful SEO campaign. This stage determines what kind of ROI your client will get, how long ranking for that keyword will take, and how difficult it will be. Business owners should be aware of the way customers are currently finding them online so they can propose some keywords they may want to rank for.

Tip #1: As mentioned above, it is very important to do keyword research. Ideally, you want to find a keyword which has: high search volume, low competition, high conversion rate. You can use Google Keyword Tool to help you with this,

Tip #2: Choose no more than 3 keywords for one page at one time. This allows for maximum focus.

Tip #3: Do not over optimise in your content. Use the keyword where it fits, don’t just place it for the sake of it.


Content will always be important in search optimisation. However it is the easiest thing to manipulate and although it is import to get this part correct, you will never rank from having good content alone. But as I said, it is still important to have engaging, relevant content, which is good enough to be enjoyed and shared by readers. Make sure to include different variations of your keyword in the content but again, do not over optimise.

Tip #1: Write about your topic in an engaging way. Try to grab the readers attention.

Tip #2: Add your keywords where they fit, do not over optimise by adding your keyword too many times.

Tip #3: Proof read your content before posting so that you can correct any spelling and grammar mistakes.

Social Media

Many people in the internet marketing world will tell you that Google and other search engines do not read social media. I can tell you that they do. Google, in particular, looks at social media to determine whether you are getting any engagement from your blog and to see if people are talking about it. If you are posting regularly and are getting a great response from your fan base, Google will see this and they will rank you better for it. Social media is also a great place to get quality links back to your website, very safely.

Tip #1: Regularly look through and answer comments and questions.

Tip #2: Share other blogs on your social media, but make sure they offer good content and value.